art work for sale with bitcoin !

One art work at a time will be on sale with crypto.

Having work for sale with Crypto currency is our first step into exploring the potential of art and the blockchain. We were happy to meet a partner on this exploration.

"The potential that cryptocurrencies and blockchains bring into manifesting the unimaginable into virtual worlds of values is perhaps the most exciting development in human history. Art shares a lot of similarities to cryptocurrencies, in that the intention of its design and the attention that it attracts determine how societies deem its worth. “

Shimon Newman 

A friendship between Angus Massey, Daphna Saker Massey and Shimon Newman started in 2018 and the two decided to embark on an experimental journey with art and cryptocurrencies to explore humanity's relationship to the un-manifest and systems of value.

More information about how to purchase the work you can find at the bottom of the page.

guanyin integration 3.jpg




The Sculpture, “Guan Yin Integration” speaks about the fractal nature of our awareness. 

It is a bronze sculpture, created in traditional casting methods yet it points towards a multi-dimensional reality. It explores how the whole is contained within the part, or the society within the individual, and how the whole can be integrated into the individual so that there is no ‘other’.  Guan Yin is the embodiment of compassion. The archetypal Mother Goddess in many Asian traditions. The un-manifest from which the manifest world comes into being. The womb of creation. The Divine Feminine. 

guanyin integration 1..jpg

guanyin integration 2.jpg


70cm x 40cm

Weight 15kg

Here is the way it works:

The price of the work will be updated weekly according to the shifting markets.

The price includes only the art work. Once the work is bought you will be contacted by, we will be happy to help you arrange for boxing and shipping to anywhere in the world. Unless you live in Berlin, where this work is currently located, in which case we may deliver the work to you directly free of charge.

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