The real dream method

The REAL DREAM Method is a process that leads people to deep insights concerning questions they bring to the sessions. While the process and conversations remain private, each session produces artistic outcomes for both Daphna and the participant.

What is the method?

What is the method?

Over the last ten years I have been developing The REAL DREAM Method. It started as my own private artistic practice (with my partner Angus Massey), where we created long exposure photographic portraits. Since then, I have taken elements from expressive arts therapy principles and contemporary art practices to develop my own path, The REAL DREAM Method. 

It is a meditative and artistic exploration of one’s own creativity. I guide people through the process step by step as they explore a question they chose to bring. Participants get to step out of their thinking mind and understand more about the subject they chose. 

No prior artistic experience needed. Just curiosity.

While the process and conversations remain private, each session produces artistic outcomes for both me and the participant.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

The sessions are essentially meant for whom ever is interested, anyone can bring a question into the space, and explore different layers of their awareness through their own creative mind.  

Here are four types of clients I have had who have especially benefited from the sessions :

For artists : The real dream session can help with unblocking creative paths. The process may be used by artists in seeing new solutions in questions they may have regarding different stages of their creative process.

Taking one more step, deepening any kind of self help process: For people who are in a process of a therapeutic nature I offer the session as a way of diving into a space that might deepen their process.

For Integrating altered state experiences : Having an experience in ceremony can take one into deep insights, yet the worlds which one may enter can be at times unconnected to everyday life. The real dream method can help with integrating these experiences.

For tourists looking for a special onetime experience with art in Berlin: When we go out of our home environment, when we travel to other places, we have already stepped out of our comfort zone and we may be more open to new experiences. It is a moment where people may have the time to contemplate and reach a breakthrough with life questions. 


How does it work?

How does it work?


PRIVATE SESSIONS: Each session takes around 3 hours and is offered in the Real Dream Studio.

COUPLES SESSIONS: A couple’s session offers stepping away from the everyday, it offers a special experience. You may choose to bring a question about your life together. Couple’s sessions are available as singular sessions or a one-week process.

GROUP WORK: The REAL DREAM Method can also be used to create a custom-made experience for a team or a special event. During each three to six hour experience, the group will find new connections between each other and within themselves.

Each REAL DREAM workshop begins with a pre-event meeting (in-person or by Skype) to understand the needs and special interests of the group.